Our story

We are a company that has been producing, packaging and distributing regional cheeses under the name Serecek Marforek and Beskidzkie Marforki cheese snacks for 20 years.

The production plant is located in Bażanowice near Cieszyn. Here we produce our cheeses according to traditional technology. The cheese is made by hand – we have never mechanized our production. This means that they have a unique taste, quality and texture. The cheeses are smoked with natural smoke using alder and beech wood shavings.

20 years ago, Marfor was the first to introduce nationwide cheese that was hand-made without heat. It is a unique method that allows you to preserve what is most valuable – for example, mineral salts, calcium and protein. Then

it was a pioneering activity – a new method, but in line with the principles of a dairy. Everything was done in accordance with all the standards applicable in the dairy industry (Haccp etc.)

Today we have many followers, but unfortunately these are often machine-made products at high temperature. Our products are therefore unique. Thanks to the fact that our cheeses are handmade products, they began to be appreciated and we were able to develop. We started to operate on a large scale and supply cheese to dairy wholesalers throughout the country, or to broadly understood gastronomy.

We have been delivering to regional networks since 2000, and we have been operating throughout Poland for 15 years. We started with the Carrefour and Real market, which is now known as Auchan. Thanks to our accession to the European Union, our products have found their place on the regiments of many European countries as well as outside the EU. We are audited and assessed very well.

Our company’s performance is tailored to the needs of a specific customer. Thanks to many years of activity and long production time of our products, we have gained a lot of experience. This allows us to maintain the consistently high quality of our cheeses. Our company is subject to constant veterinary supervision. We have implemented the HACCP system, the Commercial Quality Certificate issued by the Commercial Quality Inspection of Agricultural and Food Products of the Republic of Poland, and the “Doceń Polskie” certificate granted under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Please visit our website www.marfor